Welcome to the Canadian Nissan Truck Club!

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What is CNTC about?

CNTC is now a large group of Nissan truck enthusiasts made up of primarily Xterra, Pathfinder, and Frontier owners numbering in the hundreds. This group is also complimented by a few non-Nissan truck enthusiasts as well. Members of CNTC come from diverse backgrounds and of all ages. Geographically, CNTC is based out of south-western Ontario (where most members also reside), however members span coast to coast in Canada as well as south of the border in the United States as well. The common thread that binds us is a passion for our trucks and the adventures, both on the road and off, on which they take us.

However, CNTC is about much more than the trucks and certainly not only about trail riding and driving. Those are definitely aspects that are a large part of CNTC, but not at the core of what we are about. CNTC has evolved into a very socially active, family friendly, and community and environmentally conscious group whose key goals are to promote camaraderie, helpfulness, and responsible positive action.

Current CNTC Truck of the Month Winner

History of CNTC

The Canadian Nissan Truck Club (CNTC) was originally formed in 2000 by a couple of Xterra owners with similar interests. Originally CNTC was founded as The Southern Ontario Xterra Club (SOXC) and was made up of exclusively Xterra owners. Over time, as SOXC grew, other Nissan truck owners (and non-Nissan truck owners as well) began to also join and take part in SOXC. This growth and change migrated to a change from SOXC to The Nissan Truck Club (NTC.) However, after a short time it was decided that NTC should reflect the fact that it is Canadian based, hence CNTC was the next logical progression. So, here we are - welcome to our little corner of the virtual world.

Events and Activities

Members of CNTC have many similar interests including a variety of outdoor activities, meets, community and charity work, environmental and trail cleanups, and many other activities that result in a well rounded club. We capitalize on the fact that we have a large member base and use that to serve the greater good and make a positive impact, when opportunities arise to do so.

Some regularly held events include:

  • Coffee meets
  • Movie nights
  • Dinners
  • Offroading including "Rookie Runs"
  • Camping, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Trail cleanups as well as community cleanups (city parks etc)
  • Charitable causes such as food drives and "Santa" deliveries
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Annual Show-N-Shine
  • Annual Adventure Weekend
  • Mod and maintenance days

Plus much, much more!! If you are interested in knowing more and/or joining the CNTC, please click here for more information on how to become a member.